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July 2, 2013 by Sheryl

I am SUPER DUPER excited to announce(more excited than a 9 year old on Christmas morning poking their parents to wake up and open gifts), A brandy new MOUNTAIN BIKE SKILLS CLINIC! Please check out the flyer below and you can register HERE. Mention and register before July 10th and get a $25 discount off the price!

You may be asking, “what I am I getting for dishing out my hard-earned cash?” Well you are getting epic and useful instruction both on and off trail from two IMBA certified coaches for two days (Myself and the fantastic Kathi Krause)! Plus riding at one of the most fun and friendly places in the NY/NJ area, Stewart State Forest. It is so much fun that the races held at the park sell out. Yup, every single one of them and people fight in an underground club for spots. Just kidding, but there is always a waiting list.

Want to know what we’re learning? Well, Mountain bike skills silly. A few things that are covered will be body position, vision, steering, shifting, cornering and so on. You will leave this clinic feeling more confident on your bike than ever before.

Huge thanks to DARK HORSE CYCLES for hosting all of us. Please check them out, they are a damn good group of guys.

So what are you waiting for? Space is limited and will go quickly. Register now! doo it!! Even if you know everything that you need to please pass this along to someone who may not. They will thank you for saving them some bruising. REGISTER NOW!

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