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Want to ride with 160 Women Mountain Bikers?

June 10, 2013 by Sheryl

This past week was a HUGE week for me and I really believe it changed my life by reminding me of why I mountain bike. This is a review of an incredible event, the Midwest Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic.  I will have additional write-ups on the IMBA instructor certification course and Brown county trails since its just too much to write about in one post. I have to spread out the excitement!

I want to send a big thanks to Tania Juillerat (owner of Sub-9 productions), who organized this gigantic event and made it all possible. I highly recommend going to this event regardless of your age or experience. It was an event filled with 160 women and 20 or so coaches and their families . Everyone was friendly, kind, helpful and made the experience nothing short of mind-blowing. The entire event is a judgement free zone where you can check your ego at the door and just have fun. Everyone helps each other out, all you have to do is ask. It’s not often that you can get that many like-minded people, let alone women, together in one place. Beginners can go out for a ride with professional riders and feel totally comfortable, no pressure. It touches your heart and reminds you how great mountain bikers really are.

You can camp or grab a hotel nearby but I recommend camping to get the full experience. If you’re new to camping this is the perfect event to start with since camping is located on a big grass field with 150 others so if you forget anything I am sure that someone else would be glad to lend you a hand. There were three different bike companies there with demo bikes; Kona, Trek and Liv Giant. There were free rentals from the local bike shop delivered to the event so no need to make a trip out of your way, camping, breakfast, and lunch were all included. Tania has covered everything and makes it easy to just enjoy yourself.

The main attraction of the event are the skills clinics. There are classes available that range from intro riders to advanced riders so there is something for everyone. Each class has TWO certified coaches and if you are lucky you might even get coached by Shaums March or Lindsay Voreis. All of the coaches are great to work with and make learning easy. I got the chance to put my new coaching certification skills to good use and coach along side another experienced coach. As a coach it was great to watch the confidence of the ladies explode.

Once you get some skills under your belt you can go out and ride on some really fun flowy single track. The Brown County trail system is an IMBA EPIC trail system which means it’s a must ride. This system of trails is a 100-percent singletrack. Yup, no fireroads, you can ride for hours on complete singletrack.

There was morning yoga on sunday as an added bonus as well. If riding with 160 like-minded women doesn’t get you to this event then I am sure everything else will seal the deal.

I hope one day in the future to be able to host a similar event here on the east coast so that riders around here can come together and experience the same enjoyment. Please feel free to comment below if you would be interested in a similar event here on the east coast!

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  1. Tania says:

    Thanks so much Sheryl for this great write up and for coming out and being a part of the fun! No matter how much I plan/prepare it means nothing until folks like you step-up to get your IMBA-ICP certification and put it to use at my lil’ clinic. Hope to see you again next year!

    • admin says:

      Tania, it was my pleasure. This was truely a life changing event for me and you made that possible. Thank you so much and I will definitely be seeing you next year!

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