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Mud Chix is about riding your bike and loving it!

Our goal is to give you the skills to go from fearful to fearless on your mountain bike and beyond. It is our mission to empower, inspire and encourage more women to get on their bikes and ride!  If you’re not a woman, but you know one, spread the word and change her life. Nothing is more powerful than a community of women sharing their experiences and overcoming obstacles together.


Want to learn the general basics about biking before you go out and buy a bike? You can find all of that info on our Blog page. (psst! you can also get to it via our menu above)

Do you want help getting over your riding fears?
We help you learn the needed skills to boost your confidence and have a safe, fun and enjoyable ride through one-on-one Coaching or Group Clinics.

Are you a company that wants to encourage a healthy lifestyle?
We can help you or your organization get comfortable again on the bike.  We will put together a program that encourages safe riding and helps you feel comfortable riding your bike.

There is also so much more to mountain biking than riding your bikes in the woods. If you crave a bit more spirituality and depth in your life mountain biking can do that for you to! I like to call it a form of moving meditation. Read about how its impacted my life in so many incredible ways.

I am here to help give you clarity in your decisions and  and confidence in your mountain bike riding. My goal is to help you educate yourself about your bike, its set up and how to figure out what works for you, pressure free. So please click around and explore the site. I am always updating it with new, awesome content and events.

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